Kobra Cable – Raceways. Insane amount of color and size choices to make the cable runs in your system a work of art and making your rig the next conversation piece.
Kobra Cable MAX – Take your system to the next level of “COOL” and clean up the inside of your system with style and functionality. Made with MAXCORD nylon braid for unprecedented wire coverage.
Kobra High Density Cable Sleeving – Ready to get your system wires in order, and clean up the inside of your system with style and functionality? HD sleeving is made with the finest, high quality materials.
mod/smart Illuminated Vandal Resistant Switch – Switches that is the ideal switch for modding enthusiasts. The ring / Dot around or inside the switch always glows, making it easy to find in the dark.
mod/smart Wire Kobra SS Cable Mount – makes cable management for Single Braid and Kobra SS cables easy. The mounts match perfectly to Kobra SS color schemes making your system uniform and crisp.
mod/smart – 100’s of different style connectors and terminal for your computer power supply units, as well as fan, floppy and SATA. Available in 8+ colors to match your rig just right.