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Copper Tubing Hard - 1/2in. OD - 30 Inch

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Product Code: CTH3812-30

The Hard Copper Tubing 1/2" OD is certified for drinking (potable) water, this copper Alloy 122 tubing is also called copper pipe. It has a seamless construction, which provides a smooth interior surface. It comes in a straight run that has a hard temper. This style copper tube is not meant to be bent. Normally used for plumbing applications we found it can be used with great effectiveness as a delivery system for your coolant when using straight runs for your hard tubing. The added copper in your system can't hurt bringing temperatures down in transition between components. By absorbing heat from the coolant the copper tube can dissipate this heat easily with any kind of average internal airflow in your chassis. Primochill Rigid compression fittings work nice and snug even with some mild movement and twisting.

  • Unpolished surface
  • Extra heat dissipation bonus
  • Temper Rating:Hard
  • Tubing Type:M
  • Tube Size:1/2"OD
  • Wall Thickness: 0.025"

  • Sold Per 30 inch Stick (an order quantity of 3 would result in a 3x 30 inch pieces)

This is an ADVANCED DIY product!
PrimoChill is not responsible for any damage caused by or when using this product. Please use at your own risk.

Cutting should be done with the proper tools. Failure to do so can result in nonuniform ends leading to leaking and failure to seal.


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