Welcome to the new and improved PrimoChill.com

PrimoChill Product Showcase  Website

This is a unique site for Primochill products, since we do not sell direct to the public we have provided the next best thing. Buying our products from Amazon.com

As you look around our shop you will notice that all the “Add to Cart” buttons have been replaced with “Buy Now from Amazon”, and when you click on them you are taking to that product on Amazon.com. The shopping cart too, has also been removed because it is not needed, you will buy and place your order directly on Amazon.com

What are the benefits of this?
Any order over $25.00 USD is shipped for FREE. If you a Amazon Prime Member you know the deal, and it means FREE 2nd DAY shipping.

What if there is no  “Buy Now from Amazon”?
All this means is that we do not have stock on Amazon at the moment.  So we recommend checking with one of great resellers.



Come back anytime to look for our new and COOL offerings.