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I have to say that your customer service is one of the best that I have dealt with. Every time I had a question about using your product, you would answer my questions usually with a few hours.

A. Alarcon

Excellent products, huge variety, made in America, with amazing support and service. It actually doesn’t get any better than that. Primochill is absolutely top notch.

G. Bullard

Really Realy fast response time. My problem got fixed within 6 hours of making an RMA, Filled out Form, 2 minutes later replied email, 5 or so hours later received tracking for Replacement part. best company I have ever dealt with! Great company!

D. King

Very impressed with the urgency that this small issue was addressed. I have never experienced this type of positive response from a company or customer support. I will continue to purchase from Primochill as well as pass on how great this experience was. Thank you so much for your care.

S. Stepro

You guys have been very helpful, great company always have returning customers because of their customer supports! A+

J. Li
on Instagram
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