PrimoChill System Reboot - Cooling Loop Treatment


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  • Would this be the same as using PrimoChill SysPrep to clean an existing loop?

    Reboot is used for systems that have had coolant before.  Sysprep is for new systems.

  • If I use PrimoChill Liquid Utopia would I also need this liquid to prep my loop ?

    Sysprep is recommended for use before any fluid.  Starting with a clean loop is important to any coolants lifespan and color integrity.

  • Can I use SysPrep while I am using my computer?

    10000% Yes.... use away....

  • Can i use this with my ekwb water blocks and radiators? does that damage the nickle? i find it weird that ekwb claim for not using any chemicals on their components.

    This product is 100% safe on nickel plated blocks.

  • Should this liquid be run with the pump at maximum speed?

    Pump speed does not effect this product.

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