PrimoChill 1/2in. Rigid RevolverSX Series Fitting - Candy Copper PrimoChill 1/2in. Rigid RevolverSX Series Fitting - Candy Copper

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PrimoChill's latest offering of water cooling rigid compression fittings has married these features into one incredible fitting poised to dominate the market once again. Taking your system to the next level is an art form driven by color and textures.

The RSX fitting truly represents the principles of PrimoChill. A fitting built for functionality complimented by its distinct aesthetics. Not all fittings are created equal and the RSX is proof of this. 

Continually setting trends for the watercooling industry.


Compression caps created in a multiple step process that achieves corrosion resistance with an uncompromised finish.

SpectraX powder coated caps for unprecedented color correctness and long term consistency

Patent Pending compression fittings that lead the industry in innovation and ease of use.

A continuous industry leader in style and function within the water cooling community.

Quick and simple installation with minimization of leakage or cross threading..

  • Industry Standard G 1/4 threads
  • Nickel Plated Brass base
  • Diamond Knurl Cap 
  • Available in 21 different colors
  • Patent Pending Design O-Ring compression sealing pipe coupling system

These fittings are designed to work with the tubing below.

  • 3/8 in. ID x 1/2 in. OD Rigid PETG tubing
  • 3/8 in. ID x 1/2 in. OD Rigid PMMA tubing
  • 3/8 in. ID x 1/2 in. OD Rigid Copper tubing
  • 1x Revolver SX Fitting
  • 1x Bottom sealing o-ring
  • 1x Tubing sealing o-ring
  • No installation tool required. Finger tighten only.
  • The Revolver tool was designed for removing the cap only, not installing them.
  • RSX caps are coated with a durable powder coat but we still recommend handling with care so you can enjoy the finish for years to come.
Although aluminum is used for the outside compression ring, no aluminum comes in direct contact with the fluid so mix metal corrosion is not an issue.
PrimoChill is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk.

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  • Please explain the difference between RSX fittings and Revolver fittings. They look the same to me.

    The only difference between the two fittings are the finish.  The RSX is a powdercoated finish, and the normal revolver is an anodized finish.  Everything thing else is the exact same.

  • I'm fairly certain you'll probably just say they're both durable. But honestly, which of the two finishes is the most scratch resistant?

    We would say the anodized version is a little more durable.  But does not look at nice as the powdercoated ones.

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